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Volkswagen Car Models in India

Volkswagen offers a diverse range of well-engineered passenger vehicles in India, incorporating its signature German build quality across segments. Volkswagen currently offers 3 models in the Indian market catering to different segments and consumer needs. These models are the Volkswagen Virtus, Volkswagen Taigun and Volkswagen Tiguan.

Volkswagen Cars: Key Highlights

Owning a car involves a significant investment. When making such an important purchasing decision, most buyers want reassurance of safety, performance, comfort and peace of mind. Volkswagen vehicles focus extensively on offering key technologies and features that enhance enjoyment and confidence while driving. 

Some of the key elements that come in Volkswagen car models are as follows:  


Volkswagen prioritises a suite of safety features that work in unison to provide stability, control, and heightened awareness while driving. Electronic Stabilization Control is one key system that senses loss of steering control and automatically applies brakes to keep you on course. It works hand-in-hand with ABS, which prevents wheels from locking up under hard braking so you maintain the ability to steer. EBD joins in by distributing brake force for shorter stopping distances. Additionally, traction control reduces wheel spin when driving on loose surfaces, allowing you to maintain control. 

Parking sensors alert you to nearby obstacles when manoeuvring in tight spots, while Hill Assist prevents rolling back when starting on an incline. By equipping vehicles with proactive safety systems like these, Volkswagen aims to provide drivers with confidence, peace of mind and collision avoidance whenever they get behind the wheel, whether they face tough road conditions or need to navigate dense traffic. The technology works cohesively to enhance stability for your protection as a driver.


Volkswagen stands out for a creative yet functional approach to automotive design that connects harmoniously from front to rear. Rather than flashy or showy styling, Volkswagens exhibit an understated elegance flowing seamlessly from the signature V-shaped grill rearwards to subtly contoured edges. The minimalist exterior styling extends inward through balanced, uncluttered interiors that blend form and function with intuitive controls and premium materials, coming together in a refined yet familiar environment. By balancing beauty, simplicity and athletic intent in its harmonious silhouette, Volkswagen crafts more than mere transportation – it produces artistry in motion. Drivers connect on a deeper level with this fusion of form and function at the heart of every Volkswagen.


Volkswagen outfits its vehicles with intuitive technology and creature comforts intended to engage and pamper at every drive. Convenient features like push-button start/stop and an available amplifier with subwoofer pave the way for premium sound, while the fully digital driver display provides crisp, reconfigurable instrument readouts directly in your sight line. An expansive available single-pane sunroof opens up views overhead, connecting passengers to blue skies and sunshine. Powered, heated and ventilated front seats enhance comfort, as do smart features like rain-sensing wipers that activate automatically and illuminated footwells that make nighttime drives more relaxing. 

And conveniences like wireless phone charging ensure occupants remain connected and charged up for wherever the road leads. Through thoughtful features anticipating needs, Volkswagen vehicles become an enveloping environment focused wholly on the in-vehicle experience. Whether a short commute or an all-day road trip, ergonomic and intuitive appointments keep drivers and passengers comfortable, confident, and focused on enjoying every last mile from behind their sublimely outfitted Volkswagen.

About Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen has built durable, innovative cars since the late 1930s. Though best known globally for classic nameplates like Beetle and Golf, Volkswagen is gradually growing its reputation in India for quality engineering and reliability over flash through localised production, expanding dealerships and competitively priced models tailored for local roads. The Group is focused on delivering exciting products tailored to appeal globally, ranging from electric vehicles to premium sports cars. In the Indian subcontinent, Volkswagen cars have built a reputation for superior German engineering, efficiency and reliability across segments. 

Backed by a wide dealership network, Volkswagen India offers attractive models, including the Virtus sedan, Taigun SUV and Tiguan premium SUV, matching the needs of Indian customers. 

With sustainability as a key priority, the Group is gearing up to unveil cleaner mobility solutions for the Indian market as well. Over the next few years, buyers can expect additions like the Arteon flagship sedan, feature-packed entry-level UP hatchback, and ID.4 electric SUV, along with performance-oriented Golf GTI and T-Cross models carrying the core Volkswagen values.

Notable Volkswagen Cars

Volkswagen entered the Indian market by first introducing its premium sedan, the Passat, known for its iconic styling and German engineering. It set the foundation for more models that would bring European driving sensibilities blended with value. The foray into the increasingly popular SUV segment came recently with two key models. First was the tech-advanced Tiguan in March 2020, underscoring Volkswagen’s capabilities in crafting a premium yet practical SUV with equipment like an 8-inch touchscreen and predictive navigation that take the refined cabin to new heights. 

It was followed by the September 2021 launch of the Taigun compact SUV that squeezed feature-rich comfort and performance into a youthful sub-4 meter package intended to stand out from the crowd. Most recently, Volkswagen expanded into mid-size sedans in March 2022 with the Virtus, blending contemporary looks with an engaging driving experience aided by the latest connectivity. With offerings across segments from its iconic sedan to the latest compact SUVs, Volkswagen continues bringing products localised for Indian tastes yet infused with its trademark German engineering and attention to quality and detail across any vehicle class.

Volkswagen Product Portfolio

Under its thoughtfully cultivated portfolio, Volkswagen in India offers buyers well-crafted German engineering across different vehicle segments.

The Taigun leads the way in the popular compact SUV category. Introduced in 2021, the contemporary Taigun combines European design and premium driving character in an urban-friendly package, starting from Rs. 11.62 lakhs.

For midsize SUV buyers needing more flexibility, Volkswagen presents the 2023 Tiguan crossover - fully redesigned inside and out. The refined, capable Tiguan blends space, driving composure and the latest tech in a family-ready crossover priced upwards of Rs. 35.17 lakhs.

And sedan enthusiasts can tap into Volkswagen's motorsports pedigree through the value-driven Virtus. As one of India's safest sedans, the dynamic Virtus brings engaging performance and 5-star peace of mind to the midsize segment, with prices beginning at just over Rs. 11 lakhs.

So, from European styling to proven German engineering safety to driver engagement across body styles, Volkswagen India offers a diverse yet cohesive range united under its brand values. Whether Taigun, Tiguan or Virtus, Volkswagen owners can confidently choose their vehicle.

Volkswagen Market Share

Despite stiff competition, Volkswagen stays among the top auto players globally by sticking to its quality, innovation and customer service values. Ranked among the largest carmakers in India with close to 1% percent market share in 2023, Volkswagen continues to find global success by ensuring a commitment to reliability, refinements, and technological enhancements broadly accessible across its model range. In 2023, Volkswagen managed to grab close to a 1.0% percent share of the total automobile sales worldwide. It translates to millions of happy customers trusting the German marque across segments - from entry-level hatchbacks to luxury SUVs. Volkswagen aims to build on its loyal follower base with sleeker designs, sustainable mobility solutions, and enhanced digitisation.

Upcoming Volkswagen Cars

Here are some quick highlights of upcoming Volkswagen cars that will further bolster the brand's portfolio in India:

  • Volkswagen Arteon
  • Volkswagen UP
  • Volkswagen ID.4
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • Volkswagen T-Cross

Volkswagen Cars Price List

Volkswagen offers thoughtfully engineered German vehicles to suit a range of budgets in India. The Taigun compact SUV brings European flair to the sub-4 meter segment at an attractive starting price of Rs. 11.62 lakhs. The Tiguan family crossover starts at Rs. 35.17 lakhs for those needing more versatility. And performance-minded sedan buyers can tap into Volkswagen’s motorsports inspiration with the nimble Virtus, India’s safest sedan priced above Rs. 11.48 lakhs. Across body styles ranging from SUVs to sedans, Volkswagen delivers an engaging driving experience with its trademark build quality and safety - all accessible at competitive price points for discerning Indian buyers.

The following is the Volkswagen car model price list for some popular Volkswagen cars in India.

Volkswagen Virtus: Rs. 11.48 lakhs to Rs 19.29 lakhs

Volkswagen Taigun: Rs. 11.62 lakhs to Rs. 19.46 lakhs

Volkswagen Tiguan: Rs. 35.17 Lakhs

Note: All prices are on-road, Delhi.

Volkswagen Cars by Body Type

Volkswagen Cars by Transmission Type 

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