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Kinetic Luna Officially Makes A Comeback In An Electric Avatar

Sutanu GuhaFeb 8, 2024

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Kinetic e-Luna

Bookings for the new Kinetic E-Luna have already commenced.

After more than two decades, Kinetic Energy has brought back the Luna badge, and this time it makes a comeback as an all-electric offering called e-Luna. 

This transition from an ICE model to an all-electric offering also inculcates that Kinetic Energy had to completely rebuild the scooter. From a new chassis to more modern, upmarket equipment, the E-Luna might be completely new. However, its overall design still heralds back to its OG utilitarian outlook. 

Kinetic E-Luna: Variants, Price And Competition

The Kinetic E-Luna is available in two variants: X1 and X2. The former is priced at ₹ 69,990(introductory price)and will be available with a 1.7 kWh battery good for 80 km of range (real-world). The e-Luna X2 priced ₹74, 990 will be available with a 2 kWh Li-ion battery pack, good for 110 km of range (real-world).

In this price range, its competition includes just one option called the Ozotec Bheem which is priced at  ₹65,990. You might come across other all-electric offerings as well, but the kind of utilitarian proposition that the E-Luna brings to the table is barely offered by any other manufacturer, except for the Bheem. 

Kinetic e-Luna

Kinetic E-Luna: Design

Sticking to its moped roots, the Kinetic E-Luna continues to sport the same rugged and practical body style. Right from the round-shaped headlight, which is now adorned by a headlight cowl, to the wide footboard, these elements continue to infuse that sense of nostalgia rightfully as it should. The E-Luna also gets a two-step seat design where the rear seat can be removed to reveal the carrier platform to accommodate the massive luggage that the E-Luna will be used for. As for its aesthetics, the Kinetic e-Luna is available with the choice of 5 metallic colour options - Mulberry Red, Pearl Yellow, Night Star Black, Ocean Blue and Sparkling Green. 

Kinetic E-Luna: Features

Keeping it modern and relevant, Kinetic Energy has equipped the E-Luna with a new all-digital LCD instrument cluster. Aside from a speedometer, the cluster will also display the battery state of charge, high beam indicator, and a side-stand indicator. Additionally, the E-Luna also sports a USB charging port for charging your mobile phones on the go. 

Kinetic e-Luna

Kinetic E-Luna: Battery And E-Motor

Replacing the 50 cc single-cylinder engine from before, the e-Luna is now available with a new 1.2 kW hub motor with the option of either a 1.7 kWh or a 2kWh Li-ion swappable battery pack. Kinetic Energy is also working on a bigger 3 kWh battery which will be good for 150 km of range (real-world), however details about the same is still under wraps. Aside from that, the hub-motor will come paired to a chain drive system that will make it easier for servicing.

Performance-wise, top speed of e-Luna is on par with other high-speed e2W in the market at 50 kmph, and the batteries take 4 hours to charge fully 

Kinetic e-Luna

Kinetic E-Luna: Underpinnings

To accommodate this new powertrain, Kinetic Energy e-Luna is now built around a new dual-cradle steel tubular chassis. With a 1335 mm long wheelbase, the new electric moped now measures 1985 mm long, 735 mm wide, and stands 1036 mm tall. The electric powertrain might have made the e-Luna heavier than before but at 96 kg (with battery) it is comparatively a lightweight e-scooter in the market. Coupled with it's ground clearance of 170 mm, the e-Luna has been built to take on our pothole-ridden terrains.

However, its suspension setup is kind of similar to the original one with telescopic fork and dual-shock absorbers, but the wheel size has increased and the electric moped now runs on 16-inch wheels. Sadly, this Luna too gets just drum brakes (with Combi Brake system) like its old ICE counterpart, and we wish at least the front end had a disc option.

Kinetic e-Luna


The comeback of the Kinetic E-Luna as an all-electric offering certainly brings back a part of Indian automotive history, Moreover, it is easily available on e-commerce websites, like Amazon and Flipkart, thereby making the purchasing process easier than before. At  ₹70,000, the e-Luna is a well-priced product and given the legacy of being a proper workhorse, should fit into the whole B2B (Business-to-Business) delivery ecosystem as well.

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