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Honda cars in India

26 Honda cars Car models are currently available in the ACKO Drive for Honda cars Car lovers. To help you make an informed buying decision, we have brought you a list of the most popular cars in the Honda cars Cars category. Check/compare your favourite car models for price, body type, mileage, and other specifications, before buying your dream car online.
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26 Honda cars to explore

Honda City


5 Seater

1/11 variants

Honda City
Next variant

1.5 SV



Available in 4 colors

On-road price
in Delhi
13.57 L
Express delivery
within 8 days

Honda Amaze


5 Seater

1/7 variants

Honda Amaze
Next variant

1.2 VX MT Petrol



Available in 5 colors

On-road price
in Delhi
10.07 L
Express delivery
within 8 days

Honda Elevate


5 Seater

1/8 variants

Honda Elevate
Next variant




Available in 6 colors

On-road price
in Delhi
14.41 L
Express delivery
within 8 days

Honda Car Models in India

Honda is one of the most renowned automobile brands in India. It has introduced 5 Honda car models, including 3 sedans, 1 hatchback and 1 SUV. Honda is yet to launch its upcoming car models like the Honda Elevate EV and the Honda WR-V. The top car models by Honda that are currently available in India are as follows:

Honda Car: Key Highlights

Honda Motors presents a diverse lineup of vehicles, including sedans and SUVs. Among the sought-after models are the Honda City, Honda Amaze, Honda Elevate, and Honda City Hybrid. These vehicles come with petrol and hybrid options. Furthermore, all these car models come equipped with luxurious and functional features while emphasising safety. 


Honda vehicles stand out in India for their consistent dedication to safety, creative design, and incredible amenities that enhance the driving experience. Honda prioritises safety, and its cars integrate innovative systems to ensure the safety of passengers.

Honda vehicles have strong construction and a complete airbag system comprising front, side, and curtain airbags. The Advanced Compatibility EngineeringTM (ACETM) body structure improves occupant safety by efficiently spreading crash energy. Some of the modern safety technologies included in Honda cars are the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), which provide stability and control in a variety of driving situations.


Regarding design, Honda automobiles in India combine refinement with aerodynamic efficiency. Bold lines, elegant curves, and dynamic forms characterise the exterior designs. The firm places a high value on designing automobiles that are not only visually appealing but also contribute to fuel efficiency and overall performance. The attention to detail is seen in every curve, producing a visual appeal that distinguishes Honda vehicles on Indian roads.


In terms of features, Honda ensures its vehicles are outfitted with the most up-to-date technology to improve convenience and connectivity. Modern infotainment systems with touchscreens, smartphone connectivity, and voice recognition are standard features in many models. Furthermore, innovative driver-assist systems like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and a collision mitigation braking system are included to increase overall safety and enhance the driving experience.

About Honda Motor

Honda Motors is a well-known automobile company in India, noted for its dedication to innovation, dependability, and cutting-edge technology. Honda joined the Indian market in 1995 to provide high-quality, fuel-efficient automobiles that meet the diversified demands of Indian consumers. Honda has made a name for itself in the Indian automotive sector over the years by producing a diverse variety of popular vehicles and motorbikes.

In India, Honda offers hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs, embodying the brand's basic principles of performance, efficiency, and innovative engineering. Honda Motors is a trusted and preferred choice for consumers seeking automobiles that flawlessly integrate quality, style, and performance on India's roads, focusing on customer satisfaction.

Notable Honda Cars

Honda automobiles are renowned in India due to their combination of safety, engaging design, and cutting-edge technologies. Honda cars provide a driving experience that is fun and prioritises the well-being of occupants, whether negotiating city streets or going on lengthy excursions.

Honda has made a huge mark in India with various outstanding vehicles that effortlessly blend performance, elegance, and innovation. With its elegant form and innovative amenities, the Honda City is an iconic sedan that embodies sophistication and comfort. The Honda Civic, a symbol of modern elegance, adds a sporting appeal to the sedan sector. At the same time, the Honda Amaze caters to those looking for a compact sedan that is efficient and practical. 

The Honda Jazz is a flexible hatchback known for its large cabin and thrilling driving experience. To be addressed are the Honda WR-V, a tough crossover, and the Honda CR-V, a luxury-utility SUV. Each of these models exemplifies Honda's dedication to providing vehicles that appeal to the different tastes of Indian consumers, positioning the brand as a prominent participant in the country's automotive scene.

Honda Product Portfolio

In India, Honda's product line is extensive and diversified, catering to many automobile industry sectors. The Honda City, a premium sedan that has been a stalwart in the Indian automotive sector for decades, is at the forefront. The City has a devoted following thanks to its attractive appearance, smart features, and dynamic performance.

The Honda Amaze is a popular choice among tiny sedan fans. The Amaze meets the demands of urban commuters and small families equally, thanks to its fuel efficiency, practicality, and stylish style.

The Honda Elevate is a compact SUV, and it's also the newest addition to Hona’s product portfolio. It offers a perfect blend of elegance, practicality and butch road presence.

Honda's dedication to ecologically friendly automobiles should not be disregarded. The hybrid versions of the Honda City demonstrate the brand's commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.

Honda Market Share

Entering the Indian market in 1995, Honda Motors has secured a 2.7% market share as of September 2023. During this period, it achieved noteworthy sales, totalling 9,861 units, with a cumulative figure of 73,526 units for cars sold from January to September 2023. The Honda City, Amaze, Brio, Accord, Civic, and Jazz emerged as the brand's top-performing models, recording the highest sales. 

Honda operates two manufacturing plants in India, boasting an annual production capacity ranging from 60,000 to 100,000 units. Renowned for their durability and fuel efficiency, Honda's cars are characterised by cutting-edge technology and appealing design, positioning the brand as a critical player in the Indian automotive landscape.

Upcoming Honda Cars

Honda's product portfolio in India reflects a strategic and thoughtful approach to meeting the diverse preferences and needs of Indian consumers. With a combination of style, performance, and innovation, Honda continues to be a key player in shaping the country's automotive landscape.

As per the company's official website, Honda is propelled by the mission to bring to life products that fulfil people's dreams, a driving force that propels them to craft engaging and enjoyable offerings consistently. Here is a glimpse into some of their upcoming cars:

  • 2023 Honda City
  • Honda compact SUV
  • 2023 Honda WR-V
  • Honda Elevate EV

Honda Cars Price List

Here, you will find a list of the most sought-after Honda models in the Indian automotive market and their prices. The Honda City is positioned as the most high-end model accessible on ACKO Drive with an on-road price of Rs 13.27 lakhs to Rs 18.36 lakhs in Delhi. On the other hand, the most budget-friendly Honda car model available on ACKO Drive is the Honda Amaze, with prices ranging from Rs 7.98 lakhs to Rs 11.17 lakhs (on-road price in Delhi). The comprehensive list of Honda cars, with their respective prices, is detailed below:

  • Honda City: Rs 13.27 lakhs to Rs 18.36 lakhs
  • Honda Amaze: Rs 7.98 lakhs to Rs 11.17 lakhs
  • Honda Elevate: Rs 12.92 lakhs to Rs 18.85 lakhs

Note: All prices are on-road, Delhi.

Honda Car Options

Honda Motors manufactures a variety of vehicles, including 3 sedans, 1 hatchback and 1 SUV. These automobiles are available in a variety of fuel and transmission configurations. Furthermore, the price varies depending on the variant's body style, fuel, and transmission type.

Honda Cars By Body Type

  • Honda SUV Cars
  • Honda Sedan Cars
  • Honda Hatchback Cars

Honda Cars By Fuel Type

  • Honda Petrol Cars
  • Honda Hybrid Cars

Honda Cars By Transmission Type

  • Honda Manual Cars
  • Honda Automatic Cars

Honda Cars By Price 

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Top 3 Honda cars

Honda CityRs. 13.57 L - 23.54 L
Honda AmazeRs. 8.11 L - 11.07 L
Honda ElevateRs. 13.58 L - 18.86 L